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Gurnham Singh

Gurnam Singh

We want to embrace and celebrate Australia's rich multicultural community on the global stage through the shared love of cricket.

Gurnam Singh, Founder of the Australian Indian Sports Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS) is a dynamic and highly motivated communications coordinator with more than 10 years of experience in engaging members of diverse communities, government agencies, sporting bodies, educational organisations, other stakeholders and business partners in strategic marketing ventures to develop cross functional relationships that contribute to business growth and awareness-raising.

Since 2016, Gurnam is the Community Ambassador of Cricket Australia, founder of World Cricket Fans, and a member of various sports led advisory boards where he is extensively involved in branding, marketing, and campaigning - particularly enabling community engagements. He also meticulously involved himself in the backend operations of the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015. Gurnam is the founder of Australia’s largest Indian Cricket Fan Club named ‘Swamy Army’ and has attracted significant attention across Australian mainstream media platforms for wearing tri-colour turban during the matches. Gurnam has been supporting McGrath Foundation since 2009 through fund raising, aimed towards helping the breast cancer survivors. He mandatorily marks his presence at the pink day Test Match every year wearing pink turban and outfit to raise awareness for this special cause.