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Anupam Sharma

Anupam Sharma

Australia is one of the most multicultural nations and its culturally diverse communities will be able to 'see themselves' on the grounds during the T20 World Cup.

Anupam Sharma is a filmmaker and film entrepreneur with bachelors and Masters’ degrees in Films & Theatre from UNSW. Once named as one of the top fifty most powerful and influential Australian film professionals, he is the founding head of films & casting TEMPLE, an award-winning film production and consultancy firm based out of Fox Studios in Sydney.

Anupam has directed and produced some of the most high-profile and award-winning Australian screen projects including unINDIAN starring cricketer Brett Lee, The Run, Destination NSW’s ad campaign for India, and was the judge on the Australian reality show on SBS – Bollywood Star.

As strong supporter of diversity and international promotion of Australian cinema, Anupam has been nominated as an Australia Day Ambassador and has led a number of pioneering Australian initiatives including Australia India Film Fund, An Australian Film Initiative (with support from Hugh Jackman and Baz Luhrman, among others), Diverscreens, and voted as Chair of Australia India Film Council.

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