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Tanya Oziel

Tanya Oziel

Sport does not discriminate; it is the greatest leveller – an equal and fair playing field that has the ability to ignite passion and everlasting friendships.

Tanya Oziel is the Chief Executive of the Trans-Tasman Business Circle, the Singapore Business Circle and Founder & Managing Director of SportsConnect.

With more than 30 years’ experience working with the public and private sector at the highest level, Tanya has built influential and diverse global networks. The Circle is now the most prominent business organisation in the region, and a strategic growth partner for multi-nationals, business, government, academic and sporting leaders. She oversees an annual thought leadership program of Briefings, Global Study Tours and Engagement Programs featuring over 250 C-level executives around the world. She is an advocate for the advancement of female leaders, through the Female Leaders Study Tour programme launched in 2019, dedicated to uplifting the role of females in becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Following the highly successful AFL Peace Team in 2008 and 2011, Tanya founded SportsConnect, an organisation dedicated to advancing best practice and knowledge transfer between business and sport. With the incredible support of the Circle’s team, the Circle has grown into the most highly respected partner across a range of industries, academia and government – a reach that has become more global with established virtual networks across many countries including the Middle East, the USA and Europe.

In 2008 Tanya made Australian sporting history when she founded the first ever AFL Peace Team, bringing 12 Palestinian and 12 Israelis together as teammates to play in the AFL's International Cup. With the strong support of the AFL and the corporate sector, against all odds Tanya bridged the political, historic, geographic and cultural divide among this inspirational group of men, making the impossible possible. Her story is the subject of the multi-award-winning documentary Tackling Peace. In 2011 she ensured the journey continued with Peace Team 2.

"Don't tell me the sky's the limit; there are footprints on the moon."