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Pawan Luthra

Pawan Luthra

The collective passion and enjoyment offered by cricket, inspires us as much as it unites us. Global sporting events take this a step further, bringing different nations and cultures together.

Pawan Luthra is a journalist with over 35 years’ experience, much of this in Australia. He founded the award-winning Indian Link Media Group in 1994 to serve Australia’s Indian community. While he is a prolific writer and thinker on contemporary local, international and multicultural issues, Pawan is also a visionary of where the rapidly changing world of media is going. Showing much foresight and entrepreneurial acumen, he has guided his media company to evolve from a print-only format to a 24/7 radio station, and a significant presence in the digital space.

As a result of its wide-ranging breadth and quality under Pawan’s stewardship, Indian Link today boasts 50 contributors nationwide and has become Australia’s most-awarded multicultural media group with 23 awards to its name.

Pawan’s own journalistic works span the mediums of print, television and radio as well as genres from politics and sports and to international relations and security, all the while promoting social cohesion and understanding between the Indian and the broader Australian community.