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Daren Ganga

Daren Ganga

One of the things I love most about my involvement in cricket is the incredible opportunities I have been given to meet and connect with people through the sport throughout the world. Our love of cricket is what brings us together and this passion that we share is what creates a sense of community.

Daren Ganga is a former West Indies International cricketer. He made his Test debut at just 19 years of age as a right-handed top order batsman and part-time right-arm off-break bowler. He played Test, ODIs and T20I for the West Indies during the period 1998-2008 and was awarded the 2006 West Indies Players' Association 'Test Player of the Year’ & ‘2007 West Indies First Class Player of the Year’. Daren also managed to obtain his Law Degree and MBA, all while playing professionally.

Nowadays he is an internationally respected cricket commentator and continues to be recognised for his exemplary leadership at national and international levels. He was awarded the Hummingbird Medal Gold for contribution to Trinidad and Tobago in the area of sports, 21st Century Icon Award for his philanthropic work with his charitable foundation, ‘Daren Ganga Foundation’, and is currently an Ambassador for Sports for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Passionate Ganga hoping to build on Women's legacy at 2022 Men's T20 World Cup in Australia