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The ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schools Program has been designed in conjunction with Cricket Australia and Kimberlin Education to engage and inspire teachers, students and families across Australia. The ICC T20 World Cup will be a spectacular celebration and for the first time, the women’s and men’s T20 World Cups will be held as standalone events in the same country and in the same year.

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The three unit titles are:  

  1. Wellbeing  
  2. Inspirational Women and Girls   
  3. Build your own T20 World Cup 
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ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schools Program


  • Written by qualified educators in line with Australian curriculum
  • Units developed from learning areas such as Health and Physical Education, English, The Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences


  • This program aims to:
  • Enhance students understanding of their wellbeing
  • Encourage students to contribute to their community’s wellbeing
  • Promote a holistic view of cricket, beyond sport
  • Develop creativity, collaboration and enterprise skills