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    1. Where can I find the match schedule?

      The full match schedule can be found at

    2. What are the start times?

      Matches will start at either 2pm or 6pm UAE time.  

    3. How will I know which teams will compete in the Semi-Finals and Final?

      The teams will qualify for the Semi-Finals and Finals based on their performance in the group stage matches. We encourage fans to refer to the points table on for updates after each match has been concluded.

      If India qualifies for the semi-finals from Super 12 Group 2, the semi-final fixture will be played in Dubai and the other semi-final will be played in Abu Dhabi.

    4. Will tickets be sold to warm-up matches?

      There is no public entry to warm-up matches.

    5. What are the ticket prices?

      The ticket prices can be found on 

    6. Are there any service and delivery fees added onto the advertised price?

      There are no additional costs added to the face value of the ticket. 

    7. If I buy a ticket for a group match on a day with a double header (two matches at the same venue), do I get access to both matches that day? 


    8. Can I choose my seats for the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 when I buy them?

      Customers purchasing tickets for the matches taking place in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Dubai, will be able to select their seats.  Seats in Sharjah, however will be allocated on the basis of ‘next best available’.  

    9. What do the different ticket categories mean?

      All ICC Men’s T20 World Cup stadiums are divided into different enclosures which have different views of the field of play and may have differing degrees of shade.

    10. Will alcohol be served in venues?

      Alcohol will be available to be purchased in all areas at Dubai International Stadium.
      Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi will have areas where alcohol will either be served or available to be purchased.
      Alcohol will only be available in hospitality areas in Oman.
      Serving, selling or consuming alcohol within Sharjah Cricket Stadium is not permitted.

    11. How can I purchase tickets online? 

      Tickets will be available online at .  You will need to do the following:

      Select the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 event

      Choose the venue for which you wish to purchase the ticket

      Select the match

      Select the enclosure and select a seat that is your preference from those available, and then simply checkout.

      You will need to provide your Name, Email address and telephone number so that the tickets can be delivered to your mailbox. 

    12. Can I purchase tickets in person from a ticket office or over the phone?

      Tickets may be available to purchase (subject to availability) from Box Office at each venue on the day of the match. Venue Box Offices will be open 4 hours prior to a match. 

    13. Will tickets be sold on a first come first served basis or will I have to apply through a ticket ballot?

      Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis. 

    14. I want to buy tickets for matches in two different venues. Can I do this in one transaction?

      Tickets to multiple matches at one venue can be purchased in a single transaction, but a separate transaction will be required to buy tickets for a different venue. 

    15. Do I need to create an ICC T20 World Cup account in order to buy tickets?

      Tickets can be purchased without having to create an account.

    16. If I have forgotten my password; how can I log into my account to purchase tickets?

      You can use the ‘forgot my password’ function to generate a new password which will then enable you to access your account.

    17. Can I purchase tickets using my mobile phone? 

      Yes, the ticket sales portal is mobile friendly.

    18. Does the ticket price include VAT?

      Yes, all ticket prices include VAT.

    19. What is the minimum age for purchasing tickets?

      The minimum age of purchasing tickets online is 18 and you must have a Debit/Credit Card in your name. 


    20. Where can tickets be purchased from?
      Tickets can be purchased through or from the Venue Box Office counter on match days.


    21. What is the maximum number of tickets that I can purchase? 
      Ticket purchasers can buy a maximum of four tickets per match..


    22. Why are there restrictions on the number of tickets I can purchase?
      This is to both to provide everyone with a fair chance to purchase tickets, and because it will allow social distancing between groups per government requirements


    23. Do children require a ticket?
      Children aged 2 and above will require a ticket. Children under 2 years will not require a ticket as long as they do not occupy a seat.


    24. What children’s tickets are available?
      Certain matches will have reduced price tickets for children under the age of 12.


    25. Are there student prices?
      There are no student prices.


    26. Can I take a pram into the venue?
      Due to limited space and absence of any storage space, it is advised not to bring prams to the stadium. 


    27. Are any seats restricted view?
      Seats with restricted view will not be available for sale. 


    28. Will all my tickets be seated together?
      Due to social distancing measures, we cannot guarantee that all spectators can be seated together. However, groups of 2 or 4 seats will be created in stadiums where health authorities will permit.


    29. Can I purchase tickets from overseas?
      Yes, you can purchase tickets from anywhere.


    30. Will I need to be vaccinated to get into a stadium?
      Oman and each Emirate have differing rules related to COVID-19 on attending events.   As the regulations are frequently changing it is best to refer to the latest biosecurity regulations on the website ICC, BCCI, ECB and Oman Cricket will not be held liable for any government-imposed changes in regulations related to COVID-19.


    31. Will I need a PCR test to get into a stadium?
      Oman and each Emirate have differing rules related to COVID-19 on attending events.   As the regulations are frequently changing it is best to refer to the latest biosecurity regulations on the website ICC, BCCI, ECB and Oman Cricket will not be held liable for any government-imposed changes in regulations related to COVID-19.


    32. If I live in Dubai and have bought a ticket to a match in Abu Dhabi, will the ticket help me get across the border?
      No. Possessing a match ticket for a game in Abu Dhabi will not be of assistance in crossing the border between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, however currently, all restrictions at the border have been removed.  As the regulations are subject to change it is best to refer to the latest biosecurity regulations on the website


    33. Are the entry regulations the same for all stadia?
      Oman and each Emirate have differing rules related to COVID-19 on attending events.   As the regulations are frequently changing it is best to refer to the latest biosecurity regulations on the website  ICC, BCCI, ECB and Oman Cricket will not be held liable for any government-imposed changes in regulations related to COVID-19.


    34. Will I get a refund if I buy a ticket and then cannot go to the match?
      Please refer to the Ticket Refund Policy, available at for full details on when a refund would be provided.


    35. Do you have an official ticket resale portal? 
      Tickets cannot be returned to be resold. Tickets can only be refunded in accordance with the Ticket Refund Policy. 


    36. What currency is used for the prices that appear on your website?
      Ticket pricing for matches staged in UAE is in UAE Dirhams and matches in Oman are priced in Omani Riyals. However, the currency displayed on the ticket sales website will be based on the IP address of the purchasers’ location. The display currency can be changed to any of the major currencies that are built into the system.


    37. Can I buy tickets to multiple matches?
      Yes, you may book tickets for any match you would like to watch. Please note, each customer can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets per match.


    38. I don’t have a debit/credit card, how can I book tickets?
      If you do not have a credit or debit card, you will only be able to purchase tickets, subject to availability, through the Venue Box Office which will be open on match days from 4 hours prior to a match.


    39. Can I make a group booking?
      Group bookings cannot be made for numbers in excess of the permitted limits per person. For hospitality bookings, you may write to 


    40. How do I make a wheelchair or special access booking?
      There are dedicated wheelchair viewing areas in each enclosure. Please select the option which mentions wheel chair access on the website.


    41. Can I sit with family and friends if I have a wheelchair or special access booking?
      Each venue tries its best to provide access and slots for wheelchair users next to regular seats, however there may be times when this might not be possible. 


    42. When will I receive my tickets? 
      Once the transaction has been completed, the tickets will be delivered to your email address within 30 minutes. 


    43. How will I receive my e-tickets?
      Tickets are delivered directly to email address you provided.


    44. I have registered to buy tickets but my details have changed – what do I do?
      Please call the ticketing helpline on +971 4 4573212 to have your details updated.


    45. Where can I purchase travel packages?
      Travel packages can be bought from the ICC’s official travel and tours provider STH. More information can be found on  


    46. How do I find out about hospitality tickets?
      Information about hospitality tickets is available by contacting: for matches in UAE or for matches in Oman.


    47. Is there any reason why I should not buy tickets from unauthorised ticket sellers and other unauthorized sources or websites other than through
      Tickets purchased through unauthorised sources are not valid for entry and may be cancelled without compensation. 


    48. Can I sell or transfer my tickets?
      You cannot resell your tickets, however you may transfer them to your friends and family if you purchased those tickets on their behalf and in such cases never for a value greater than the original purchase price.


    49. Can I change my seat location or category if I prefer a different location or if a better seat opens up at a later date? 
      Once a ticket has been purchased, it cannot be refunded (except in accordance with the Ticket Refund Policy) or exchanged for another ticket.


    50. Who do I contact if I have questions about the ticketing programme? 
      Please contact for any queries related to your tickets.


    51. Will you have a ticket office operational at each venue on match days?
      A venue Box Office will open at each stadium on the day of the match.  It will be open 4 hours before the start of the match.


    52. Can I collect my tickets from the venue?
      Tickets cannot be picked up at the venue.  

      If you have any questions about delivery of tickets, please call +971 4 4573212 or email 


    53. What number can I call to speak to someone who can fix my problem with the ticketing process? 
      You may call the following number +971 4 4573212 for any assistance on tickets or its delivery

    54. What is the ticket fulfilment mechanism?  Do I have to print my tickets?
       You can print your tickets, or you can show the ticket on your phone or mobile device.


    55. If I have a print at home ticket or ticket on my phone, what is to stop someone else using it?
      Each ticket can only be utilised once. Once scanned, the same ticket cannot be used for entry or re-entry. If a customer leaves the venue, they will not be allowed back in using the same ticket.


    56. What if the seat that I have chosen on the virtual map appears as grey, and I can’t select it ?
      This means that the seat is currently unavailable.   This is either because the seat is sold, or it might be unavailable because of limits in capacity at the venue or because of some holds in the system.   It may be worth trying again at a later date to see if the seat has become available due to changes in regulations.