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1. This Ticket Refund Policy applies in respect of all Matches at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021.


2. Paragraphs 3 to 8 of this Ticket Refund Policy set out the circumstances in which a Ticket Purchaser (“you”) may be eligible for a Ticket refund (or part thereof). 



3. You will be eligible for a refund in the following circumstances:

(a) If a Match is canceled for any reason before the toss has taken place, a 100% refund is claimable. This will also apply for double header Match days where one Ticket is issued for two Matches at the same Venue on the same day. There will be no refund if the toss for the first has taken place. 

(b) If a Match is rescheduled to a different date and/or Venue, a 100% refund is claimable. If a Match is rescheduled to a different date at the same Venue, your original Ticket will not be valid for the rescheduled date, but you will be entitled to swap your original Ticket for a Ticket to the rescheduled Match.

(c) If you are unable to attend a Match as a result of a change in the Biosecurity Requirements (for example government regulations requiring Matches being played with no spectators or with spectator numbers being further restricted from the original capacity).



4. A reserve day (15 November) is only scheduled for the Final on 14 November. If the Final is moved to the reserve day, the provisions of 3 b) above will apply. 


5. If you attend the Final on the reserve day, the refund provisions in paragraph 3 will apply to the Match (considering play across both days).


6. If you are not able to attend the Match on the reserve day and your Ticket is not used on the reserve day, you may apply for a refund in respect of that Ticket in accordance with paragraph 19 below. 



7. A Ticket will not be refunded, and you will not be entitled to any refund and/or compensation: 

(a) If a Match is completed early;

(b) If the Ticket is lost, stolen, defaced or otherwise unused; 

(c) You experience a change in personal circumstances or a change in mind; or 

(d) If your entrance to a Match is delayed, including but not limited to reasons of public transport, road closures, other means of transportation, security inspections and/or other external factors. 

(e) If the Ticket has not been purchased directly through the official ticking portal.


8. There shall be no refund of any fees or charges paid in addition to the face value of the Ticket (for example, any foreign exchange charges) except where required by Applicable Local Law. No interest or costs will be payable in respect of any monies refunded. 


9. The organiser will not be liable for any associated costs, expenses or loss due to a Match being rescheduled, postponed or cancelled (including, without limitation, any indirect and/or consequential loss, such as for travel to the Venue or any accommodation costs). 


10. Any refund(s) will be paid in UAE Dirhams or Omani Riyals


11. Where one of paragraphs 3 to 6 of this Ticket Refund Policy applies, only the original Ticket Purchaser will be entitled to a refund. If the details of the Ticket Purchaser provided with any refund application do not match the details of the Ticket Purchaser held in relation to the original purchase of the Ticket(s), no refund will be paid. 


12. No refund(s) will be payable in relation to any Ticket(s) which, for whatever reason, were provided free of charge. 


13. No refunds will be payable if you or any Ticket Holder is refused entry to, or removed from, a Venue as a result of a breach of the Ticket Terms & Conditions. 


14. An administration charge of 5% of the original purchase price will be deducted from each refund.


15. The organisers shall bear no responsibility for charges incurred by you from your bank (or any other third-party charges). 


16. The organisers reserve the right to make amendments to this Ticket Refund Policy from time to time at their sole discretion and without notice. All refunds will be determined in accordance with the Ticket Refund Policy in place at the time of your purchase. 



17. Refunds should be requested by emailing quoting the transaction number, Ticket numbers, email address, full name, and telephone number of the purchaser.


Refunds for hospitality Tickets 

18. In addition to the provisions of paragraphs 3-16 above, if a Match is cancelled prior to the toss having taken place, but the hospitality Ticket has been validated (that is, used to enter the Venue) a 50% refund will be applicable.


Tickets purchased through ICC Travel and Tours or Official Travel Agent 

19. If you purchased an official travel package through ICC Travel and Tours or an Official Travel Agent and you are entitled to a refund of the Ticket value, the refund will be processed automatically by your Official Travel Agent. You do not need to do anything to receive your refund. If you have any queries you should contact your Official Travel Agent directly or visit the ICC Travel and Tours website for further information.